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Today Scott launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund his second post-Idol album,
and he needs each and every one of you in order to make it happen.  On his
Kickstarter page, Scott talks about his vision for the album, the various costs
associated with putting an album together, and the many ways you can get
involved.  He is so excited to be making this album in Nashville,
surrounded by such talented producers, engineers, and musicians, and he wants
you to be a part of the journey from the very beginning.

If you make a contribution (called a “pledge” on Kickstarter), you will receive
a number of uniquely special rewards that Scott has prepared.  These
rewards range from a signed copy of the new album, to helping Scott choose the
album title, a private lunch with Scott, an original song written for you, and
even a private concert for you and your friends, family, or colleagues.
There are also GOLD and SILVER level sponsorship packages available to
organizations interested in branding opportunities.

When you make a pledge on Kickstarter, no monetary transaction takes place
unless the funding goal of the campaign is reached or exceeded.  The
campaign will either be fully funded, or not at all.  That means no credit
cards will be charged until the end of the campaign.  It also means that
your pledges are more important than ever to make sure that we reach our goal.

Scott would be so grateful if you would take a moment to visit his Kickstarter
page and seriously consider making a pledge to help fund the album.  Large
or small, every single pledge is appreciated very much.

We are also trying to spread the word about the campaign as much as possible,
so please ask your friends, family, and colleagues to consider making a pledge
as well.

-> CLICK HERE to go to Scott’s Kickstarter page


Upcoming Album
A Life Saved, a Life Changed