Seven years ago my life was saved by a kidney transplant.  It’s because of that kidney transplant that I was able to compete on American Idol, marry my wife Christina, and share my music and story with others around the world.  But a transplanted kidney can’t last forever, and as my current kidney function has declined to around 18%, I am now in need of a second kidney transplant.

I have been put on the “transplant waiting list” to qualify to receive a deceased organ, but the waiting period for these organs is typically 3-5 years.  Well before that time is up, it is likely that my kidney function will decrease all the way to 0, at which time I would have to start dialysis.

The doctors are hopeful that I might be able to have the transplant much sooner if a living kidney donor can be found. I am enrolled at the kidney transplant program at Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee, and several individuals have come forward and offered to be tested as potential living donors.

If you would like to get involved and make a difference, please consider registering as an organ donor at and give hope to the tens of thousands of people waiting for a life saving transplant just like me.  You can also call Vanderbilt at 615-936-0695 ext 3 to find out more about living donation.

More than anything, I would appreciate your prayers as I enter into the kidney transplant process once again.  Please pray for a donor, for wisdom for the doctors and transplant team, and for peace, strength, guidance, and support for me and my wife as we move forward.

I am so thankful for the many ways in which you all have supported me in my musical journey, and now that it is time to write the next chapter of my story, I am even more grateful for your support.

Thank you so much.

-Scott MacIntyre

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