Scott MacIntyre is one of 20 students named today to the All-USA College Academic Team, USA TODAY’s student recognition program. The 20 members of the First Team receive trophies and $2,500 cash awards as representatives of all outstanding undergraduates. Forty students are named to the Second Team and Third Team.

“It’s gratifying to be able to recognize the promise and passion of a new generation of students who are determined to make a difference,” USA TODAY editor Ken Paulson says. “We salute their hard work and envy their future.”

The winners represent excellence in a variety of disciplines, from psychobiology and engineering to political science and the humanities. But as varied as their talents are, they share the ability to extend their scholarship beyond the classroom to make all kinds of connections in the world at large.

“We look first for the very best scholars, and then we look for individuals who really extend themselves beyond the classroom,” says judge Tim McDonough, director of public affairs at the American Council on Education. “Each of these individuals applied their academic talents to benefit others in a unique and impressive way.” - "Marshall Scholar Wins Top Award from National Nonprofit Organization"