Season 8 finalist Scott MacIntyre is returning to American Idol tonight to promote his new album, Heartstrings. The first visually-impaired contestant on American Idol, MacIntyre won the praise of fans and critics alike for his incredible piano-playing abilities and his inspiring personal story. Now fans have the chance to hear his own unique sound on his new album, Heartstrings, which goes on sale today…

American Idol hopeful Scott MacIntyre may have finished in eighth place on the FOX reality competition, but the singer hasn’t given up on his dreams. Tonight Scott MacIntyre will return to the American Idol stage for an exciting performance, but today he’s celebrating the release of his new album, Heartstrings.

Heartstrings features 12 unique songs that include upbeat pop songs like “Stars” and “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly” and moving acoustic ballads like “Autumn Leaves.” The intimate and inspiring songs included on Heartstrings cover everything from love and hope to heartbreak and tragedy. There’s even a MySpace song! “I’ll Take Tom (MySpace Breakup Song)” is a humorous number about heartache and the Internet.

American Idol‘s former judge, Paula Abdul, called Scott MacIntyre “an inspiration to the entire world through your commitment, through your talent.” MacIntyre has released six other independent albums, but Heartstrings is his first to hit stores since his experience on American Idol. And according to MacIntyre, fans can expect something unique and different on Heartstrings.

“I’ve poured my heart and soul into all 12 original songs, bringing something I hope people will find very rare in pop music today,” MacIntyre says. “What you won’t hear on my CD is an over-produced overly-sanitized sound. What you will hear are honest, believable songs delivered with solid conviction. I’ve stayed true to myself in every song.”  Heartstrings is available today on itunes and on

– by Nancy Floyd


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