This weekend, my beautiful wife Christina and I celebrate our one year wedding anniversary.  We will be stealing away to an undisclosed location with the remains of our freezer-burnt wedding cake – well, it would have been freezer burnt, except we threw it out and got a new one 😛  At any rate, it’s time for some long overdue rest and relaxation.

I can hardly believe it’s already been a year.  One of the biggest blessings for us has been all the special memories we’ve shared in random cities across the US surrounding my tour schedule.  Christina travels with me everywhere I go, and when we have an extra day off on the road, we love scoping out the town favorites in local cuisine and entertainment.

Whenever we tell people that we got married last August, they remark, “Oh wow, so you’re newlyweds!”

My question is: how long do we get to claim that title?

I believe it will be forever. <3


Scott performs on the Michael W. Smith & Friends cruise
Scott presents IEBA Career Achievement Award to Paula Abdul