On April 21st, Scott will release a new EP entitled Hope Is Rising.  The title track, produced by Scott and co-written with singer-songwriter David Gentiles, fittingly speaks of contagious hope in the face of hardship, stating: “This life is a precious gift.  In hope, we can rise again to meet tomorrow’s suffering with open hands.”


“I wanted to write a song not only for my own journey but for anyone out there who has ever felt like giving up,” says Scott.  “With this song I’m saying that there is light at the end of your tunnel, hope beyond your current circumstance, and when we come together and lift each other up, that hope can spread like a wildfire.”


Immediately following the release of the EP, Scott will release the official music video for “Hope Is Rising” on May 1st.  The video will feature thousands of individuals running and walking to raise awareness about organ donation around the country as well as never before seen footage of Scott’s recent kidney transplant journey.


“There are currently over 100,000 people waiting for kidney transplants alone,” Scott shares.  “The video tells the story of loved ones lost, new life given, and the incredible hope that organ donation gives to all those waiting, just like I was.”


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