If someone asked me what the biggest sacrifice I’ve had to make to be successful in the music industry is, I would answer with this: I have learned that my time is not my own.  Easter has been no exception.  Since American Idol, I have spent Easter on a media tour in New York City, performing in Tokyo, Japan, and getting up before sunrise to rehearse and perform for ten thousand plus people at Sunday morning services in my home town.  Today was the first time I happened to sleep in, go to church, and relax just like everyone else.  Maybe it’s not a life-style most people would choose, but if sharing my music and story can make a difference in the lives of others, then it is worth it to me.  What price can you put on a changed life?

I go where my job leads me, and sometimes it’s not what I expected.  But I learned a long time ago that the road God called me to walk would be anything but predictable.

Furthermore – no amount of Easter egg hunts, brunches, or family gatherings can ever equate to what this holiday means to me: He is risen… He is risen indeed.

Happy Easter everyone!


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