As I headed to Starbucks in an Uber the other day, the subject of Thanksgiving came up with my driver.  When I shared my excitement at the impending holiday, she knowingly replied, “I’m glad to hear someone’s excited about Thanksgiving.  I’m not.  Just never been into the whole thing.  My husband’s like I can’t stand Thanksgiving.  I’m like We’re perfect for each other!  My kids asked me Mom, you’re not going to make a turkey and everything, are you?  I said NO… Don’t you worry about that.  Yeah, our family are big Thanksgiving haters!”  After a little digging, I found out she is allergic to turkey and passed out at Thanksgiving one time, face down on the plate.  I guess that would be traumatic for anyone.  She still makes mashed potatoes for her kids though, and apparently they love them!

The past few days, I’ve taken several Uber rides, and as I climb into each new vehicle, I ask its driver how they’re feeling about Thanksgiving.  One driver said they were excited to have the day off.  The next said he had lost a business partner to illness three months ago and was completely indifferent to the holiday.

In my mind, Thanksgiving is naturally a time of celebration, fellowship, and gratefulness for all that life brings.  But that is because I have learned to be thankful for even the difficult and uncomfortable things in life.  I am reminded that while some of us may be in a happy season of life, others may be in a sorrowful season of life, and maybe that’s you.

Whether you’re elated or subdued this holiday season, make it a point to be thankful.  Just start by expressing your thankfulness that the sun came up again, or that you’re still breathing, and you might just be surprised at what a thankful mindset will do.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone… 1 Corinthians 15:57 “But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

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